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Good Sport

by The Air on Earth

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Good Sport is the second full-length album under The Air on Earth. The project was kicked off with a single studio session as a wedding gift from a friend and it continued to grow from there, drawing inspiration from the studio space and collaboration with engineer Beau Sorenson. It was recorded over a year-long period both at home and at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco.

Primarily constrained to headphones, the album explores synthesizers, electronic percussion, and finely detailed ambient noise in combination with pianos, layered vocals, and found sound.

These songs were shaped by the wonderful people who contributed including engineer/producer Beau Sorenson, an array of talented San Francisco and midwestern musicians, and one dad named Mike.

Good Sport is about life, family and priorities.


released January 24, 2020

Engineered by:
Beau Sorenson at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco

Mixed by:
Beau Sorenson

Mastered by:
Zach Hanson

Production by:
Nick Ball and Beau Sorenson

Performed by:
Nick Ball, Sean Carey, Beau Sorenson, Jeremy Boettcher, Ben Lester, Warren Lain, and Mike Ball

Artwork by: Ivo Matić


all rights reserved



The Air on Earth San Francisco, California

Nick Ball creates songs, sounds, and websites in San Francisco, CA.

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Track Name: Good Sport
If only we could leave our marks
In the hope they greet us in the night
On the hollow tree trunks, we climbed
To the top of the fences
In time, we were brothers
Track Name: Sprint
You were on the ground
Waiting on
Waiting for the round
Always off the path
Drowning out
The weight of the warm sound

We were on an airwave
Way up
Falling on the lions
In a daze, we looked out like kings
We no longer know

Please, tell me how
To feel it all, all around
Lead me on
Almost home
(One) I no longer know

On our best day, we were brothers
All our leaders can't deny
Who we are

I was on fire
And it took a father's leap
So afraid to lose my cityscape
And I pry, pry, pry and look out to the West
Track Name: Rest
Was it silenced by California?
The ways you found us
The way we hold in
Was it over yet?
Gotta calm down
Walls are thicker
And they stand tall

Well the protest, we can't afford you
Still you find us
Still you ease in
But you sold us all (all on your own)
On all your good lies
All you've earned in time

You deserve a caliber war
Nothing ever followed
The calling order
In the lazy lob, you longed
Track Name: Recur
I was in your heart when I asked for you once
Sky was burning red
Other lives we had led

And this is us
Firmly on the ends
Waiting on

I was in your arc
You recurred back to me
Run the other ones down
It's a lie I won't tell

And this is us
Caught in a loop
We have been dissolved
Part of it now

Waiting on

Waiting on

The earliest dawn
Track Name: Run Long
I will know what you have done
By the time you let go
You will try to hold it down
Or incite a war
You want to fight but you like to lose

Run long. Run long.

You will see your oldest one
Come along and grow up
She takes steps in that sun dress
And while you wait, she will hum

Run long. Run long. Run long.

Try to live my life with no paradigms
Try to see, my love, you'll be alive

On empty
By the book
Why'd I need to be at fault?
Wanna feel like home

It was a long time coming
I leave wrapped in your arms and you said,
"This is how you end and how I begin"

What you've gone and done
Is light up my life full stop

Run long. Run long.
Track Name: Bliss
And the hate floats
All the way up
I will be out of body
And it comes slow
To lead me
I will blur out all the colors

See: fallen arrow
On the iris dome
In the orchard
And I call it

Now down parachute
I will lift off
Sleep easy
And the heat
Quick comes back
I can almost feel the colors

See: fallen arrow
On the iris dome
In the orchard
And I call it
Fallout tomorrow
Today is won

See: fallen arrow
On the iris dome
In the orchard
And I call it
Track Name: Drone
My only sweep
My only vice
Run and wake him up
For all the tides

But you, my love, you could love him
When you are feeling like a drone
Can you hold on to this?
Hold on to the time?

A power seize
The only one
The kind of man you seek is all you know
On the waterfall of my life
Not a wond, my breed
All for one

You might run, but you can love him
If you are feeling up still
In another world, could you let her down?
When you are feeling like a drone

Can you hold on to this?
Hold on to this always?
Hold on to the time?
Track Name: Hollow
In the reeds that we love
We are pulled apart
When the bottle's up and down
You can meet us at the white oak
Oh I can look past

And you know you are your father's son
When you see right to the other side

It never came to a stop
Always needed a counterweight
We lived on the corner of it
All of your reasons to be this one
All of your atoms fought
Oh I can look past

And you know you are your father's son
When you're counting down to always one
I'll always come to take you home

My weaknesses carried on by other ones now
A camera lens
Leave it for another man
Oh I can look past

And you know you are your father's son
When your eyes are what you always are
I'll always come to take you home

Keep it here in the hollow

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